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Popular Topics

Can I deposit less than $15 into my account?

The minimum payment for using our services is $15. This credit does not expire and lasts until depleted by using the services.

You may request a refund for the remaining balance for up to 90 days after your deposit, should you choose to cancel your account.

Do you charge taxes?

Customers set up inside Canada are required to pay GST tax (Goods and Services Tax). Customers in Quebec, Canada, are required to pay PST (Provincial Sales Tax). This applies for both PayPal and credit card payments.

HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) is applicable in the Canadian provinces that require it. For further details about how these taxes are applied, visit this link:

Do you offer a test account or test number?

We do not currently have a test account or test number program. However, opening an account is completely free, and we provide free dialing codes to test the quality of the service.

You can check out our many dialing codes here: Dialing Codes

Do you offer Technical Support by phone?

Due to the nature of troubleshooting, which can prove time-consuming, we have opted to provide support via a ticket system (email) and live chat. At this point, technical support is not available over the phone.

Do you provide any hardware for the service?

We don’t provide any hardware or software for using the service. This is a BYOD (“bring your own device”) service, which means that you are free to purchase the IP phone that best suits your particular needs.

This is in contrast to providers that require their customers to purchase specific phone models to match their technology or even to purchase phones from them directly. You can get any type of IP phone from any communications specialty store. We also support all SIP-compatible devices.

Does it cost anything to open an account?

Opening an account is totally free. However, you must deposit a minimum of $15 USD to start using the service.

Is it possible to port my number from another carrier?

If you already have one or more phone numbers with another provider, offers you the option of porting them all to our network. Most local and toll- free numbers from the United States and Canada are portable, while international numbers have more limited availability.

Please contact Customer Service to find out if your number is portable. You should also check with your current phone provider to make sure they will allow you to port your number to a new carrier.

What hardware is compatible with is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) provider, which means that you get to use you own hardware and are not obligated to get your equipment from us.

Almost every device that accepts custom SIP configurations (such as Smartphones, VoIP phones, ATA Adapters, and PBX software and Hardware) is compatible with

What is DID?

Simply put, a Direct Inward Dial (DID) number is a virtual number that works just like a regular phone number, except for the fact that it is not attached to any POTS line (landline). Once your configuration is ready, you can be reached at your DID number from anywhere in the world, just like any other phone number.

What payment options are available?

Several payment options are available with, such as PayPal (no account needed for PayPal guest CC payment), VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover (where supported) and via wire transfers to our bank account in Montreal.

Please contact Customer Support for information about wire transfers and payment options available in your country.

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