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We are a highly flexible, feature-rich, and cloud-based Voice over IP service provider. Let us take your communications to the next level.

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VoIP.ms is a Montreal-based Voice over IP (VoIP) company founded in 2007 who provides a vast range of standard telephony features as well as enhanced communication features to simplify both business and residential communications such as local DID numbers in 60+ countries, it also offers termination (outgoing calls) in over 125 countries across the globe, toll-free numbers, call conferencing and services such as E911, CNAM Lookup, SMS/MMS, virtual fax, virtual PRI and local number portability.

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Forward your SMS/MMS to Multiple Email Addresses Simultaneously

We’ve heard your suggestion! You can now forward SMS/MMS to multiple email addresses at once. Within the Manage DID(s) tab, edit your (...)
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We Just Turned 15 And We Are Launching A New Website!

We are excited to celebrate our 15th anniversary by launching our new website! Our mission has always been to keep on evolving (...)
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CallerID Filtering Enhancements

If you have many CallerID Filtering rules active in your account, you may now use a new functionality that allows you to (...)
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If you have been trying to resolve an issue but it remains unresolved, please contact our management to escalate your concern. Escalate my concern.
For law enforcement requests, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the following information in order to be treated in a timely manner: Full name, Authorized Agency / Department, Your Phone Number, Nature of Request (Subscriber info, Call detail records, Billing info, etc.), Target Telephone Number(s), Request Start Date and End Date, Copy of your Subpoena, Court Order, Search Warrant, or Other Formal Legal Process and Additional Notes (incl. specific circumstances and/or deadlines). If you have multiple requests, please submit only one legal process per email to ensure proper treatments.
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