Ring Groups

Increase the likelihood of a call getting picked up by having up to 12 destinations ring at the same time.

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What is a Ring Group?

A Ring Group is a call routing feature that redirects incoming calls to a designated group of extensions. You can add various types of extensions to a ring group including Main Account, Sub-Accounts, SIP URIs and Call Forwardings.

How Does it Work?

Once enabled in your account, the Ring Group feature will allow you to have incoming calls redirected to different destinations that are included in your group. All members of that group will ring at the same time until one of them picks up the call.

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Your Own Emergency Line

Say that you have kids and you would like them to have an emergency line that rings your home phone, your mobile phone and your cottage phone, you could easily purchase a DID number, link the Ring Group to it and whenever called, it will ring all the phones configured in the Ring Group simultaneously until someone picks up.

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Achieve Greater Flexibility

The Ring Group feature allows you to add up to 8 members and 4 call forward entries per group and have a dedicated voicemail that overrides your default voicemail for greater flexibility.

Don’t Miss Important Calls

A Ring Group is also a perfect way to avoid missing any important calls, it could be your doctor, lawyer, or any other use case you may have.

You can set it up to ensure that you and your significant other never miss these important calls.

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