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Live Chat Improvements

We are writing to inform you that we just launched in beta testing an improved version of our Live Chat including a (...)
29 May 2023

Introducing Custom DNS Support in Our API

We are thrilled to share the good news about three much-requested feature improvements, effective immediately:   DNS to API Integration: offering you the (...)
18 April 2023

Register your numbers (toll-free & Local) for SMS messages.

Contact for Registrations and Questions: [email protected]  In compliance with the most recent US regulation, if you are a user sending SMS messages from (...)
31 March 2023


Improvements to International Calls Service Offering

We have just completed several back-end improvements to our international calling service offering. This means streamlined call routing and greater quality in (...)
23 March 2023

Encrypted SIP URI (BETA)

Effective today, all SIP URI communications (origination and termination) will support the encryption protocol TLS for enhanced security.  If you wish to (...)
20 March 2023

CallerID Filtering improvement

Effective today, Caller ID filtering wildcard will be moved to the end of the list of priorities instead of being taken first (...)
01 March 2023
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