Customer Portal

The Customer Portal can be used for residential or business purposes. It works as the main access point to our many features and to a vast range of options to manage your account (run reports, update billing info, view call detailed records, monitor usage, and manage voice features online in real time, from almost any device—anytime, anywhere.) online, anytime, to suit your needs. You can individualize your portal by adjusting settings and preferences. Once you log in, all the tools you need are at your fingertips from a central, powerful Dashboard.


Contains announcements and service status updates

Account Settings

USA/Canada routing setup

Allow/Disallow 411 dialing

Override CallerID


SIP/IAX/Interface password

Allowed Codecs

Remote Access Pin

Order DIDs

USA/Canada Local DID number availability

Check Pricing

Order available DID now

Backorder DIDs

Order Toll-Free DIDs

Toll-Free DID number availability

Check Pricing

Order available DID now

International DIDs

International DID number availability

Check Pricing

Order available DID now

Manage DIDs

Change routing protocol

Change device type

Enable/Disable CNAM

Change DID routing destination

Modify Failover destination

Change Dial Time


Create new mailbox

Modify a mailbox

Delete mailbox

Create sub-account

Create a new sub-account

Manage sub-accounts

List sub-accounts

Delete a sub-account

Sub-Accounts Report

Account usage per sub-account

Configuration Examples

Configuration examples for Asterisk, Trixbox, Sipura/Linksys ATAs, Voxalot and generic SIP devices

Call-Detail Records

Date, Destination, Description, Duration, Rate, Total

Detailed Printable CDR

Date, Destination, Description, Caller ID, Duration, Rate, Total in a printable format


Customizable CDR reports available in SQL Format, Excel, CSV and XML.

Graphical Usage Report

Top 10 destinations by minutes: Pie chart

Top 10 destinations by calls: Pie chart

Daily Spendings: Vertical Bars

Calls / Minutes: Lines

Daily Calls Status: Lines

Call Status Total: Pie chart

Account Statistics

Amount spent

Total time



Account Balance

Current Account Balance

Add Funds

Add Funds to your account Paypal, Credit Card


Transaction history

DID Billing

DID listing, next billing, Cancel DID

Edit Information

Modify account information

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